Covid‐19 Useful Links

nicd south africa logo

NICD South Africa

National Institute for Communicable Diseases ‐ hotline phone number on their site.

NICD Website

netcare limited logo

Netcare Limited

Netcare Limited Prepared for Covid-19 - see site for testing stations.

Netcare Website

South Korean Website

Corona Board South Korea

Global updates of all infection per country. Use Google to translate from Korean to English. Red numbers are cases added during the past 24 hour period.

Coronaboard Website

South Korean Website

South China Moring Post

News source and updates on the situation in China

SCMP Facebook

the local italy

The Local Italy

News source and updates on the situation in Italy.

The Local Italy Facebook

the local italy


News source and updates on the situation in France.

France24 Facebook

danny chen

Danny Chen ‐ In China

Excellent first hand information and tips on what to do and what not to.

Danny Chen Facebook

sarha arana

Sarah Arana ‐ Diamond Princess Passenger

Facebook Diary of her experience on the Diamand Princess ‐ highs and lows ‐ extremely positive person.

Sarah Arana Facebook

david abel

David Abel ‐ Diamond Princess Passenger

Another Diary of a couple on the Diamond Princess documented their experience.

David Abel Facebook

the lancet medical journal

Medical Journals - The Lancet

The Lancet ‐ browse the list for Covid-19 related information

The Lancet Website

barrett shanghai

YouTube - Barrett

Barrett and his son living in Shanghai ‐ excellent informationa and analysis. Also videos on what lockdown looks like and how everyday life changed.

Barrett YouTube


YouTube - MedCram

MedCram ‐ excellent explanation of what Corona is, how it kills, ICU treatment explained, etc.

Medcram YouTube

johns hopkins medicines

YouTube - Johns Hopkins Medicine

How to wash your hands the WHO way.

Johns Hopkins Medicine YouTube

naked science

YouTube - Naked Science

Excellent video on how SARS spread ‐ Covid-19 is spreading in the same way. SARS killed the host faster so it could not spread as much as Covid-19.

Naked Science YouTube

ted bill gates youtube

YouTube - TED ‐ Bill Gates

Bill Gates said 4 years ago we are not ready for the next outbreak.

TED YouTube

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